Bromeswell Boules Club & Bromeswell Raedwaldians

If you think you might be a budding player or have a hidden talent and would like to play please join us on Saturday or Sunday mornings, behind the village hall at 11, subject to weather.  If we are not there, we may be playing another club at their home piste so check back the following week.  For more information please contact:
Michael or Inger on 01394 460887 or


If you are interested in following the team, the results from both league games and the knock out cup/plate are placed here:



A common question asked by new players is where do you get boules from?  Answer is you don't need to spend a lot on competition boules right away.  There are sets called leisure boules that can be purchased from a wide variety of sources.  Including garden centres, charity shops and on-line auction sites.  Usually self-contained in a bag/box with 6-8 boules and usually a jack.  These are fine to start your playing career with, until you decide you are more serious and want to move up to competition boules. The Bromeswell Boules Club does have some leisure boules if you want to turn up and have a throw on the day, but these will need to remain onsite for other people to use as well.


These as you would expect cost more than the leisure variety, but will last a good many years.  Again you can find these on-line from a variety of sites, but the one a lot clubs use and is local to us in Suffolk is Pen-Y-Coed Petanque.  You can visit their shop and get expert advice.  Their web site is at:  Or go to:


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